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We belong to a diving instruction organization called “PADI” which is the biggest diving instruction organization in the world. ( we are PADI Resort Store). We have three boats which names are ”SeamansⅧ”, “SeamansⅢ” and “SeamansⅤ”. The capacity of the biggest boat is 28divers.
Our shop has staff who can speak English, but most staff can speak English a little. However, we’ll try to make you enjoying the sea of Kushimoto with our smile and service sprit.
And we are preparing an information statement in English. (the contents included our facilities, diving style and rules and so on) . We look forward to you  visiting our shop.

If you want to know the state of the sea in Kushimoto, please read our blog.


Staff blog


Address 630 Kushimoto Kushimotocho, Higashimuro-gun, Wakayama , Japan
Tel 0735-62-1258

We can pick you up at Kushimoto station or hotel that located in Kushimoto.

★From Tokyo

Case 1
Haneda airport⇨Shirahama Airport(For getting JR station, you need to take a bus)⇨JR Shirahama Station( JR Kuroshio limited express)⇨JR Kushimoto Station


Tokyo station(Bullet train)⇨Shin-Osaka station( JR Kisei line Limited expressKuroshio)⇨ Kushimoto station

★From Osaka

JR Tennoji Station or JR Shinosaka Station(JR Kuroshio limited express)⇨Kushimoto Station

※It takes 3 hour and 15 minutes by train from Tennoji Station to Kushimoto Station.

※It takes 3 hour and 35 minutes by train from Shinosaka Station to Kushimoto Station.

Train Time Table

When you check the timetable of the limited express, please check the time with the letters “くろ・新宮” on the top.

Recommended information

Japan Rail Pass with Kansai area:https://www.westjr.co.jp/global/en/ticket/

Japan Rail Pass :https://japanrailpass.net/
※ Depending on your travel method, you may not make a profit. Please check detail information in JR web site.


Diving Schedule

Our boat schedule is as below. Also you can dive in beach point before noon.

■Summer Season(April-September)
8:30-10:45-12:45-14:45( Weekend)

■Winter Season(Oct-Mar)

Please select from the above departure time. (ex. 10:45 and 14:45)

・When you select continuous departure time, the surface time may be shortened. please be careful.
・We recommend that you select 8:30-12:45 or 10:45-14:45.
And when you want to do 3 dives you can choose 8:30-10:45-14:45 only.


2 Boat dive (including rental gears)

18,870JPY(Weekend:Sat, Sun and public holiday)

including content:

Diving fee, Rental equipment(wet suit), Facility fee, Guide fee, tax(10%), Corporate fee(500JPY)
※You can use rental dry suit for 3,300 JPY per day.
※You can order lunch box for 600 JPY.

3Boat dive (including rental gears)

24,920JPY(Weekend:Sat, Sun and public holiday)

Including content:

Diving fee, Rental equipment(wet suit), Facility fee, Guide fee, tax(10%), Corporate fee(500JPY)
※You can use rental dry suit for 3,300 JPY per day.
※You can order lunch box for 600 JPY.

Drysuit diving course ;1 beach dive + 1 boat dive( Including rental gears)

(For weekends)
Specialty course: 32,290yen
Experience course: 23,490yen

(For weekdays)

Specialty course: 28,000yen
Experience course: 19,200yen

※When you take Drysuit Specialty course, you need to do preparation by the date you come.

Including contents

Diving fee, Facility fee, Fisherman corporate fee, Tax(10%), Drysuit rental fee, Full rental equipment fee(only weekends), Lecture fee&Application fee ( only specialty course)
※You can order lunch box for 600 JPY.

Cancel policy

In principle, we don’t charge a cancellation fee.
But, If you need to cancel your reservation , Please tell us by 16:00 of the day before the reservation date.
Tank you for your understanding.


Other service

Enriched air Nitrox : 550JPY/ cylinder

If you’d like to use Enriched air cylinders , you need to have EAN specialty diver card.
And please tell us to use enriched air in your diving when you make your reservation.

Rental camera (made by Olympus) :

Compact digital camera: 1,100JPY / day
Mirrorless digital camera:5,500JPY/day

※ If you need to buy SD card, you can purchase it for 800 JPY.


We have simple accommodation facilities for men and women separately. But we cannot provide you any foods.
When you use our accommodation, please prepare your dinner and morning in advance.
We can take you a ride to supermarket or convince store near our shop.
When you want to stay with it, please tell us the number of your group.

Free shuttle service(Only in the Kushimoto area)

We can pick you up or take you a ride from the place that located in Kushimoto city to our shop.When you need this service, could you please let us know that you want to use.

※Pick-up/ Drop-off area


Click on the picture below to view the facility information .

Payment option

You can use credit card for paying the fee.
And other cashless payment can be used.

Inquiry(Only divers can receive reservation)

I’m afraid that we can make a reservation only diver who have certification card.
when you fill in the inquiry form, please tell us the content as below.


Personal data

・The number of your dive experience
・Latest dive date (yy/mm/dd)
・rank of your C-card(OW/AOW/RED/DM etc…)
・e-mail Address( it is better that is easier to taking contact each other in japan)

Rental size

If you need to rental equipment, please tell us your profile data as below.
・Body Weight(kg)
・Shoe size(cm)

As it is important for the preparation of rental equipment, please tell us
your profile correctly.

Lunch box

When you need a lunch box, please tell us by the evening of the day before.
We cannot accept cancellation on the day. There is no expectation.

※ Making reservation is accepted by e-mail only. Thank you for your corporation.

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YouTube channel

We upload some video of the sea of Kushimoto on our YouTube channel on an irregular basis.
The video will help you to know what kind of Kushimoto’s sea is like, we think.

Please check our channel!!

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