Storm is coming(+_+)

Today’s  whether is like a typhoon.

14th June, 2022

Weather: Rainy
Ground Temperature: 18~20℃
Water Temperature:  Unknown due to diving cancellation
Wind Direction: Northeast(9~13m/s)
Swell: 2.0 ( dive site is closed)
Visibility: Unknown

The storm come to Kushimoto today.
There are so heavy wind and rain. So we can’t dive today.

Today’s whether is like a typhoon….

Today I’d like to introduce the ecological behavior that we can observe this time.

First, I show you Nemo’s eggs.

Anemones are laying eggs everywhere .
If the timing is right, you can see the moment   when the baby anemone is born.
You can see it at night diving.

Other fishes are protecting their eggs.
Neon Damsel are laying their eggs on the rock and Father Damsel has been protecting it until the baby is born.

Some fish protect their eggs in their mouth.

While protecting eggs, the fish don’t eat anything.
It’s amazing!!!

I’m gonna go night dive tomorrow for observing anemone egg hatch-out.
Anemone eggs may have been hatched out today but I hope I gonna be able to see the moment the baby anemone is born tomorrow.

Immigration restrictions due to COVID-19 have begun to be relaxed.
So, We will resume accepting reservation for customers from overseas.

I hope many foreign tourists come to Kushimoto and our shop.
Thank you for your reading.