The season goes back?!

Nudi is so active .

24th June, 2022

Weather: Cloudy
Ground Temperature: 24~26℃
Water Temperature: 19~23℃
Wind Direction: Southwest(6~7m/s)
Swell: 1.5m(Surge)

Weather forecast said it is sunny today, but it’s cloudy.
The weather is difficult to predict during the rainy season.

Water temperature is getting lower recently.
Today’s w.temp is from 19 degree to 23 degree.

Its temperature is April’s one.
Why don’t the water temperature still cold?

I hope Kuroshio current come near Kushimoto as soon as possible.

Water temperature is still low. So Nudibranchs are fine and active.
I can meet Nudibranch called “Pikachu” .

It looks like Pokemon Pikachu
That’s why It’s called this nickname.

It looks like snake or Dragons .
The color is so beautiful. So I like it.

In last dive, Many fishes gather at same place.
I think they wanna lay an eggs.

We can observe ecological behaviors after this season.
I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Recently, The number of foreign guest who inquiry is getting more.
I’m so happy many foreign guest to contact us.

I hope our shop become more international.
Thank you for inquiring  and I wait for many inquiry .