Chinese guest come to our shop

It’s also fun to learn languages .

July 9th, 2022

Weather: Sunny to Cloudy
Ground Temperature: 25~27℃
Water Temperature: 21~25℃
Wind Direction: South(3m/s)
Swell: 1.0m

Today, Chinese guest come to our shop again.
I’m so happy he came again quicly.

I learned Chinese language from him.
It’s so fun to learn new language(^^)
Thank you for teaching me Chinese.
I’m looking forward to have a conversation with him.

Today,  I noted that Chinese word.
“辛苦了” ( xin ku le). It means that thank you for your hard work.

I will keep study English and Chinese more and more.

By the way, Today’s sea condition is better than yesterday .
The visibility is more clear and the w.temp is getting warm.

We can meet cute small creatures today.

Moyer’s dragonet is so cute.

And there are so many  Bob-san sea slugs.
This sea slug is that Mr.Bob have found at first.

So, It is called Bob-san Umiushi in Japanese .

I’ll show you the pics in below.

Now, there are so many creatures in Kushimoto dive site.
You can enjoy diving in Kushimoto now.

I hope the number of the foreign guest is increasing more and more.
Please come and visit us.