Dolphins are coming to our dive site!!

We can observe dolphin family every day!!

December 24, 2021

Weather:Cloudy and rainy
Ground Temperature: 8~16℃
Water Temperature: 19~20℃
Wind Direction: Northeast(3~4m/s)
Swell: 0.5m

Today is Christmas eve .
We take a Christmas present from ocean.

The present is Dolphins family!! Those Dolphins appeared yesterday.
They have two baby in the family. Baby dolphin is so cute!!!

I want to swim with them but I couldn’t do today….
If I have a chance to try swimming with dolphins, I’ll try it!!

After observing dolphins, we go to diving!!
There are many frog fishes.

The color is so beautiful, isn’t it?

And, there are many kinds of Nudibranchs also in our dive site.

I’ll show you the part of them that I found out!!

The second one is very good at mimicry.
Can you find it?

Tomorrow is Christmas  but  the sea condition is getting worse ….
We may not be able to dive in our dive site, I guess.

I hope that we can meet dolphin family again when the sea condition calms down.