Uchi-ura Beach

We dived in Uchi-ura beach.

January  18, 2022

Weather: Sunny
Ground Temperature: 5~8℃
Water Temperature: 19℃
Wind Direction: Northwest(8~10m/s)
Swell: 0.5m
※This condition is about Sue area.

Today, there are high waves in Kushimoto area.
So, we go to Sue, Uchi-ura beach.

I go to there with a guest who haven’t  been to Sue before.
So, I introduced many kinds of creatures that lived in Sue as much as I can.

When I go to deeper area, I meet Big Angel shark.
I’m so happy to meet him at first!!

The Angel shark is swimming in front of us.
So, we can observe him easily(^^)

A herd of horse mackerel, which is a typical creatures in Sue area, also passed as ususal.
It is so dynamic !!

Please visit us to see this flock!!
Sometimes, Big yellowtails appears near the flock and preys on horse mackerel.

On the other hands, we can observe small creatures in Sue area too.
For example, cattle fish, Japanese pigmy seahorse and Octopus and so on.

The color of cattle fish is so beautiful .
It change the color when intimidating.  This is one of the most popular creature.

Then, we will be able to dive in Kushimoto tomorrow.
I hope W.temp is rising and the visibility is so good.


Cattle fish, Horse Mackerel, Angel shark


Uchiura beach