The wave is getting higher…

We can dive twice in the morning.

July 19th, 2022

Weather: Rainy
Ground Temperature: 27~28℃
Water Temperature: 20~25℃
Wind Direction: Southwest(8~11m/s)
Swell: 1.5~2.0m

Today, the waves is getting higher due to strong wind.
We managed to dive twice in the morning.

And, I wanna inform you news that coral was spawning  yesterday evening.
I updated the movie on our SNS.

If you want to watch it, Please check from link as below.


Then, we can see many kind of crab.

First one is this.

The shape of this crab is very rugged.
It is good at hiding. So It’s hard to find out.

Second one is this.

The crab is called Orangutan crab.
Don’t you think it looks like orangutan ?
This crab is popular in Japan.

We are still able to see many kinds of Nudibranch.
Today, we can see Pikachu.

It looks like Pokemon Pikachu.
So, Japanese diver call it Pikachu.

In July,  Guest from various countries come to our shop.
So, I can get chance to speak English.

I hope Kushimoto area become popular diving site all over the world.
Kushimoto’s sea has many kind of creatures, coral and scenic spots.

So, When you come to japan, Please come and visit Kushimoto.

Thank you for reading!Bye!!


Bizen, Sumisaki