Many kinds of small underwater creatures

I can enjoy looking for small creatures.

22. March, 2022

Weather: Cloudy⇨Rainy
Ground Temperature: 9~12℃
Water Temperature: 17℃
Wind Direction: Northeast(5~6m/s)
Swell: 1.0m

I go to diving two times today.
Today’s guest have a macro camera.

So, I look for many kind of small creatures.
Recently, we can see many pigmy seahorse.

The size is about 5mm~1cm.
That is very small and so cute.

Today, there’re five pigmy seahorse in the same place.
I was surprised!!!

The most impressive creature the guest saw today is this crab.

Could you find out it??
Doesn’t it look like Comatulida? The name is Hairy Shrimp.

In the last dive, we can find out rare fish.
The fish is Ghost pipe fish!!

I wanna take a picture by myself…
The soft coral behind the fish is so beautiful.

There are many kinds of creatures in Kushimoto recently.
For example, seaslugs, Shrimps, small fishes, turtle and so on.

You cannot see everything in a day I guess.

The visibility is getting clear.
Please come to Kushimoto and our shop!!


Japanese pigmy sea horse, Hairy Crab


Sumisaki, Good Wrasse world, Ghost pipe fish