The sea water is blue(^^)

We went to the point of out of the ocean.

October 3, 2022

Weather: Sunny
Ground Temperature: 22~28℃
Water Temperature: 26~27℃
Wind Direction: East(3~5m/s)
Swell: 1.0m

It was sunny today!!
So, we can go to the point of out of the ocean!!

Their water is very clear.
We can observe many kind of a school of fish easily.

In first dive, we can meet a school of the Largescale Blackfish.
There may be 200. It’s so dynamic!!

there are many Anthias and Damzel on the rock.
The snapdragon snapper’s color is orange.
So when they gather at the same point, it is very beautiful.

Sometimes, baby double-lined fusilier are coming suddenly.
Usually, they are gathering. It looks like ball.

Do you know that October is the best season in a year.
You can observe so many kind of fishes in a day.

I recommend you to come this season.
Thank you for reading this blog!!

See you!!


double-lined fusilier, Largescale Blackfish, snapdragon snapper


Bizen, Ni-No-Ne, To-no-oki