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Investigation of coral egg growth

We may be able to observe coral spawning  in this month.

June 6th, 2023

Weather: Rainy
Ground Temperature: 21℃
Water Temperature: 22~23℃
Wind Direction: East(1~2m/s)
Swell: 1.0m

I went to diving to investigate of coral egg growth in this morning.
Some coral egg is growing steadily.

If the water temperature is getting warmer, we could observe coral spawning  in this month.

In Kushimoto, there are many coral reef in beach diving point.
The coral reef is protected by Ramsar Convention.

The coral reef is northernmost place in the world.
So, I want everyone to see this sight.

Then, If you’re lucky, you can observe coral spawning.
It seems like a starry sky.

It’s so beautiful.
If you want to see it, you need to have a night dive experience.
But, I want you to see it!!

The coral spawning can be observed through June to July.
Some coral will be spawning at August.

I try to do research dive for coral spawning as much as possible .

I could observe coral spawning three years in a row.
So, I wanna observe this scene this year as well.

At last, I will show you the movie of the dive point.
The coral is very beautiful.

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I’m looking forward everyone to  come and visit us.
See you then(^^)/


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