W.Temp is rising!!

W.temp is about 19℃!!

January  5, 2022

Weather: Sunny
Ground Temperature: 5~11℃
Water Temperature: 18~19℃
Wind Direction: southeast(2~3m/s)
Swell: 1.0m

The waves were high yesterday but today is a calm.
We can dive easier than yesterday.

Today, we practice to take a pictures  of macro creatures with using microscope mode by OLUMPUS.

When you take a picture of Nudibranchs, it is useful!!
This mode can shoot 1mm object.

As soon as I told the guest how to shoot in the morning,  he mastered the microscope  mode.

This size is 1mm. But, He took a perfect picture of it.
I was surprised at how quickly he could take a perfect picture .

We can also meet beautiful Nudibranch.

It is so beautiful, isn’t it?
When I find it, I’m so happy.

In the end , he took such a beautiful picture.

If you can master the microscope  mode, there will be more ways to enjoy diving, I think.

There aren’t many guests in the coming season, so it’s perfect for practicing.

Please come and visit us.


Martadoris amakusana, Miamira flavicostata, feather duster worms


Sumisaki, Bizen, Good Wrasse world

Windy day

We go to “Sanbira” for the first time in a while.

January 3rd 2022

Weather: Sunny
Ground Temperature: 8~11℃
Water Temperature: 17~18℃
Wind Direction: West(7~10m/s)
Swell: 1.5~2.0m

A strong westerly wind has continued since last night.
So, the wave are getting higher.
For that reason, we can go to Sumisaki area in the morning but we cannot go to the area again.

We have been diving  in “Sanbira” where the waves are hard to rise for next dive.

There are many kinds of corals. So, the view is so wonderful!!
And there are many butterfly fish in the corals.

If you go to deeper area in this point, you may be able to meet “Gymnura japonica”.
We could meet it today!!

It is difficult to find this ray because it hides in the sand.
When we search this ray, we also meet small Red Lionfish.

The fins is so beautiful!! So, I like this fish.
How about you?

In addition, there were many kinds of creatures such as shrimp and Nudibranch in “Sanbira”.

I wanna take a movie in this point with using GoPro.
I think I can take a movie of coral reef and fishes that seems like southern ocean.
When I finish taking movie, I update it at Youtube.
If you want, please watch it.

Forecast said the sea condition will be  getting better tomorrow.
So I think you will be able to  enjoy diving more in Kushimoto!!


Red Lionfish, Gymnura japonica, Stiliger sp.1, Hidden Coralimorph Shrimp


Bizen, Sanbira