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Nice condition!!!

The visibility is so nice today.

January 29, 2023

Weather: Sunny
Ground Temperature: 4~13℃
Water Temperature: 17℃
Wind Direction: Southwest(1m/s)
Swell: 0.5m

I went to research diving today.
Recently, there are so many kind of macro creatures in bay side diving point.
So, I have been diving mainly to look for macro underwater creatures.

At first, I could find Japanese pigmy sea horse.

In Japan, there is a custom called zodiac signs, and this year, Tatsu is the creature of the year. This sea horse is called “Hachijyo-tasu” in Japanese.

So many Japanese divers want to take a picture of that.

And I also could find rare shrimp.

It is Phycocaris simulans.
It liiks like sea weed. So it is hard to find it.

Others, there are various of seaslugs.

Seaslug’s color is so beautiful!!!
So many divers likes seaslug!!!

I will be in charge of Advanced Open Water diver corse.
I will enjoy diving tomorrow as well!!

See you then(^^)/

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Japanese pigmy sea horse, Phycocaris simulans, Goniobranchus roboi (Gosliner & Behrens, Caloria indica (Bergh, Placida babai Ev. Marcus



Many Amberjack!!

This situation is so dynamic!!!

January 24th, 2023

Weather: Sunny
Ground Temperature: 2~9℃
Water Temperature: 17~18℃
Wind Direction: Northwest(8~10m/s)
Swell: 1.0m

Kushimoto area is closed due to heavy wind today.
So, I went to other area for diving.

There are so many amberjack now!!
The number is so huge!!!

When they get close to us, we cannot see over there.
It seems like big cloud.

I wish everyone to see this fishes and situation!!

Others, there are macro creatures as well.

I could find rare seaslug at the morning.

It lives in tropical ocean. But we can sometimes see it.
They eat seaslug. If you can see the situation of eating sealugs, you’re so lucky!!

And, I could see this lion fish.

The fin color is beautiful !!
So, many Japanese diver like this fish!!!

The whether forecast said that the wind is getting lower.
So, I think we will be able to dive in Kushimoto area.

I wish the wind and wave are getting calm…

See you then(^^)/

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Bigeye scad, Broadbarred firefish, Tyrannodoris luteolineata (Baba


Uchiura beach

There are so many kinds of macro creatures now!!

I could find tiny frogfish today!!

January 9, 2024

Weather: Sunny
Ground Temperature: 4~13℃
Water Temperature: 17℃
Wind Direction: Northwest(3~6m/s)
Swell: 0.5~1.0m

Foreigner tourist came to our shop in last weekend.
They come to our shop with the desire to try drysuit diving.

Requests for dry suit diving have been increasing recently.
We hold dry suit diving courses from time to time, so please contact us if you are interested.

Then, I went to diving two times.
At first dive, I could find tiny frog fish.

It is so cute(^^)
The size is less than 1cm. There are so many frog fish such as the same size.

And there are also many sea slug.


The sea slug is  trinchesia sp.25.
It is called “Macchibo-mino umiushi” in Japanese.

At second dive, I went to dive to try finding goby.
I could various of gobys, so I was relieved.

The water temperature is still warmer than usual.
So, you can enjoy diving without stress, I guess.

I’m waiting for your inqury.
If you come to Kansai area, I want you to come to Kushimoto to dive.

See you then(^^)/

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Giant Frog Fish, Black sailfin goby, Orange-striped shrimpgoby, trinchesia sp.25


Bizen, Sumisaki

Happy New year!!

There are many frog fishes in Kushimoto!!

January 3, 2024

Weather: Cloudy⇨Rainy
Ground Temperature: 7~13℃
Water Temperature: 17~18℃
Wind Direction: Southeast(3m/s)
Swell: 0.5m

Happy new year!!
Thank you for reading this blog last year.

I hope you will read this blog again this year.

Today, I dive three times in a day.
There are many frog fishes in our dive site.
So, I observed all of frog fishes as much as possible.

Especially , I want to see this frogfish.

Red and white color are colors that remind us of the beginning of the year.
So, I want to show you this pic.

This frog fish is so cute, isn’t it??

Also, we saw other color pattern frog fishes.

Frogfish is the one of popular fish in Japan.
So, when I could find it by myself, I feel so happy.

Others, there are various of seaslugs.

There are many kinds of macro creatures in Kushimoto area.
So, you can see various of creatures now.

Foreign tourist will come to our shop on next weekend.
I’m looking forward to dive with them.

You can experience drysuit diving in our shop.
I teach you how to use drysuit, so you will be able to enjoy diving with drysuit.

I’m waiting for you coming Kushimoto.
See you then, and, thank you for your continued support.

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Warty Frogfish, Giant Frog Fish, Whitesaddle goatfish


Bizen, Sumisaki, Good Wrasse world

There are so many Whitesaddle goatfishes

Write the topic in this line.

December 16, 2023

Weather: Cloudy/Sunny
Ground Temperature: 20~21℃
Water Temperature: 19℃
Wind Direction: Northwest(3~6m/s)
Swell: 1.5m

The forecast said there will be windy day today.
So, I think i cannot dive in Kushimoto area at first.

But, I was able to dive in a whole day contrary to my expectations.
I was relived(^^)

In winter season, you can see so many Whitesaddle goatfish in bay side area.

The number of these is more than usual.
Now is so dynamic!!!
I want you to see this situation!!!

Others, there are so many fishes as well.

And then, you can also see various of macro creatures.
I could find new baby frog fish.

It’s tiny and cute. The size is 5mm.
I hope I can meet again.

And, I can meet rare situtaion.

Hermit crab walk around Jawfish’s hole.
It seems like they have a conversation  haha

You can see many kind of underwater creatures and situation in this term.
So, If you come to Wakayama, please consider to visit Kushimoto for diving.

See you then!!

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Giant Frog Fish, Whitesaddle goatfish, double-lined fusilier, jawfish


Bizen, Sumisaki

Underwater Christmas tree

There is  Christmas tree in dive point.

December 13, 2023

Weather: Sunny
Ground Temperature: 10~17℃
Water Temperature: 19~20℃
Wind Direction: west(3m/s)
Swell: 0.5m

Christmas season will come soon.
In Kushimoto area, there is Christmas tree in dive point.

It has also been featured on news programs.
It become popular spot recently.

Also, there are many fishes in bay side area.

This situation is popular thing as well.
You can see this situation in winter season.

So, if you want to see them, please come to Kushimoto in winter season.

On the other hands, there is macro creatures.

Tiny frog fish is so cute!!
The size is 5mm.

You can see various of sea slug as well.

Sea slug is so colorful!!

Japanese diver likes sea slug.
So, I often try to find sea slug.

At last week ends, I can found out 50 species for two days.
I think there are so many types in Kushimoto.

If you wanna see macro creatures, Kushimoto area is the best place.
You can experience dry suit diving in this season.

You can have a good time in this season, I guess.

Please come and visit us!!

See you then(^^)


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Christmas tree


Bizen, Sumisaki

Late November

There are various of macro underwater creatures.

November 27, 2023

Weather: Cloudy→Rainy
Ground Temperature: 9~17℃
Water Temperature: 20℃
Wind Direction: Northeast(3m/s)
Swell: 1.0m

In this season, there are various of underwater creatures as usual.
Recently, the visibility is not good, so we usually enjoy diving with watching macro creatures.

In this season, we can see many young fishes.

This fish is one of popular fish among Japanese diver.
The size is so tiny but it is so cute.

And we can see rare lion fish now.

We can see it once or twice in a year.
But the number of them is more than usual in this year.
I can see it three or four times in this season.

This shrimp as well.
Now the number of them is so many.
The size is 5mm. So it it hard to see it with your eyes.

Baby Ribbon eel is in bay side dive point.
This eel is very rare in Kushimoto area.
But, sometimes this eel is hiding at their hole.

If you can see it, you are so lucky!!

Then, the number of inquiry from overseas is getting more in this season.

Especially , Dry suit diving corse has become popular among overseas diver.

We also offer drysuit training course, so please consider it.

See you then(^^)/

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Phycocaris simulans, Ribbon eel, Dwarf Lionfish, Giant frogfish

Nice visibility

I went to diving with the guest who have never dived in Japan.

November 10, 2023

Weather: Rain
Ground Temperature: 18~20℃
Water Temperature: 23℃
Wind Direction: Northeast(3~4m/s)
Swell: 1.0m

Today, French guest came to our shop.
It is first time to dive in Japan.

So, I introduce her some creatures which lives in Japan.

When foreigner tourist come to our shop, I want them to see this creatures.

The size is so tiny.
But, she was so interesting in this creature.
She carefully observe it.

And this fish can also be seen in Japan only, I think.

The name of this fish is Japanese pigmy angel fish.
It is so rare fish for aquarium.

And, I want you to see this situation.
There are many silver striped round herring in bay side area.

Its scenes are very powerful and dynamic.
So, I wanna everyone to see this scene.

In this season, there are various of fishes in Kushimoto area.
So, if you plan to dive in Japan, you should come to Kushimoto now.

I guess you must enjoy diving in our dive site.
It will be weekend tomorrow. Many divers come to here.

I hope the sea condition keep good for a while.

See you then(^^)/

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Bizen, Good Wrasse world

Uchiura beach after a long time

I went to Uchiura beach after a long time.

November 7, 2023

Weather: Sunny
Ground Temperature: 22℃
Water Temperature: 21~23℃
Wind Direction: Northwest(6~9m/s)
Swell: 1.0m

The Kushimoto’s sea has very big waves and strong winds.
So, we cannot dive in Kushimoto area.

I went to other diving site which is called “Uchiura beach”.
It is first time to dive in this season.

There are usually many fishes in this point.

And there are also many kinds of macro creatures.

I could find out Pikachu sea slug.
I kept searching this sea slug for a month.

Finally, I can find it!!!
When I find it, I feel so happy!!!

And I met Lion fish that has beautiful fin!!
This fin is so beautiful, isn’t it??

At last dive, I met cattle fish.
When it feel stress or getting angry, its color change to beautiful color.

In winter season, the day which we cannot dive in Kushimoto area due to strong wind is getting more.

So, I think the time that going to Uchiura is more and more.
This point is so fun for diving.

Our dive site has so many diving point.
So, you can see various situations if you come to here.

Please come and visit us!!

See you then(^^)/

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Cattle fish, Horse Mackerel, Blackfoot Firefish, Pikachu seaslug

I was able to meet for a long time.

I can also enjoy diving today.

October 27, 2023

Weather: Sunny
Ground Temperature: 15~24℃
Water Temperature: 23~24℃
Wind Direction: Northwest(3m/s)
Swell: 1.0m

It was so nice day today!!
We can dive with wetsuit now.

Then, there are various shrimps today.

I was able to find shrimps.
In Kushimoto, this shrimp usually live in sea cucumber.

And this shrimps are living in star fish as usual.

When I check a picture, I notice that three shrimps are on star fish!!!
I didn’t find out that!!!

And, I met rare eel that hide in the hole for five days.

I think it run away from 5 days ago.
But, it still stay at the same place.

When the eel is growing up, the body color change from black to Blue.

At last I will how you beautiful sea slug.

I will start the event that is called ” umiushi-search “”.
I try to find sea slug as much as possible in a whole dives.

If you like sea slug, please join this event!!!
It should be fun!!!

The weekend will start from tomorrow.
We hold the camera seminar tomorrow and day after tomorrow .

Many guest will come to our shop!!
I will enjoy diving tomorrow also!!!


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Yellow mouth moray, ribon eel, Seastar shrimp


Good Wrasse world, Ni-No-Ne, Asaji