Diving season start!!

The diving season is starting at that moment.

July 8, 2023

Weather: Cloudy→Sunny
Ground Temperature: 26~29℃
Water Temperature: 20~24℃
Wind Direction: Southwest(4~6m/s)
Swell: 1.0m

I’m sorry that I didn’t update this blog for a while.

The ground temperature is getting warmer, so the number of guest is getting more.
I feel like the diving season has finally started in earnest.

The w.temp changes daily.
So, many guest bring inner vest recently.

The w.temp is low, but there are many kinds of underwater creatures.
This frogfish is good at hiding.
I always have a hard time finding.

And this shrimp is good at hiding as well.

At last, I will show you clear cleaner shrimp.

This shrimp has a egg in their stomach.
The body color is very beautiful. So I like this shrimp!!!

There are many kinds of underwater creatures in Kushimoto area now.
So, you can see various of fishes, shrimps, sea turtle and so on.

When you come to Japan or Wakayama, Please come and visit us!!

See you then(^^)/

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