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Photo Diving

We enjoyed taking a pictures in two dives.


Weather: Cloudy
Ground Temperature: 8~13℃
Water Temperature: 16~17℃
Wind Direction: East(5~7m/s)
Swell: 1.0m

Today, we enjoyed taking  underwater  pictures .

Today’s guest said that he had never seen this shrimp.

The shrimp is called “Laomenes cornutus”.
It’s rare shrimp in Kushimoto.

And he also favorites “Short-bodied pipe fish”.

There are beautiful seaweed behind this fish.
I like this picture (^^)

Then, I joined the group that is called ” Nudibranch  lovers’ association”.
The group have five members. And the theme of this group is searching  many Nudibranchs in Kushimoto area.

So, I try to look for more Nudibranchs as much as I can.
If you are interested in Nudibranchs, Please come to our shops.

I wanna look for Nudibranch with you.

After the effects of  COVID-19 have diminished , I will do my best  guests from overseas to enjoy diving in Kushimoto!!!

So, If you will be able to visit Japan, please come and visit our shop!!
You can spend good time I think.


Shirt-bodied pipe fish, Laomenes cornutus, Verconia purpurea


Sumisaki, Bizen

Macro Dive

There are many kinds of creatures.

January 29 , 2022

Weather: Sunny
Ground Temperature: 7~12℃
Water Temperature: 18~19℃
Wind Direction: Northwest(3~6m/s)
Swell: 1.0m

Today , we go to the point of out of ocean for the first time in a while.
We can meet many small creatures.

First, I want to show you this pic.

The situation is so beautiful, isn’t it?
I want to take a pictures!!!

Then,  I saw the squirt that looks like Panda.

Japanese usually call it “Panda Hoya”.

In addition , there are many frog fish and Nudibranchia in Kuhsimoto.

When you want to take a pic of small creature, You can enjoy diving in Kushimoto.
Please come and come and visit us!!


Whip coral goby, Panda hoya, Warty Frogfish


Sumisaki, Ni-No-Ne, Tou-no-oki