Many Sea slugs

I can find many sea slug today.

April 16, 2023

Weather: Sunny
Ground Temperature: 17~21℃
Water Temperature: 18℃
Wind Direction: Northwest(3~8m/s)
Swell: 1.0~2.0m

I searched for sea slug today.
There are various of sea slug in Bayside dive point.

In spring, the number of Doris species  is getting more.
So, I could find many kinds of Doris species.

Others, I can find other sea slugs as well.
This is the sea slug that I was most happy to find.

It’s tiny. The sea slug is yellow one.
The size is about 2mm, I guess.

When I found it, I’m so happy.

Then, I’m happy to find this sea slug as well.

I can find this sea slug after a long time(^^)
The color is so beautiful!!

The event that is called “Umiushi search”   finish in this season.
I’ll plan to hold this event again in the fall.

So, If you are interested in this event, please come and visit our shop!!

Of course, we can accept other diving course in a whole year.
So when you come to Japan, please plan to come Kushimoto for diving.

I’m looking forward everyone to come our shop.
Bye for now!!

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Verconia purpurea, Shphopteron nigromarginatum, Ercolania boodleae


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