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Using microscope mode a lot today!!

We took a many pics of tiny underwater creatures today!!

March 15,2024

Weather: Sunny
Ground Temperature: 9~17℃
Water Temperature: 16℃
Wind Direction: Southwest⇨West(3~9m/s)
Swell: 0.5~2.0m

I went to diving for searching tiny nudibranchs today.
At first dive, the guest wanna see tiny Pikachu nudibranch, so I went to the dive point which can see it.

The color seems like Pokemon Pikachu. So we call it “Pikachu”.
The size is 2mm. It’s so tiny!!!

There are many Pikachu recently. If you wanna see it, you can see easily in this season.

At second dives, I saw these tiny nudibranchs.

These size is also 2mm~3mm.
In witer season, Some Japanese diver like searching for tiny underwatar creatures.

Of course, there are various of underwater creatures expected nudibranchs.
If you like see macro creatures, I recommend you to dive in this season.

And if you like Nudibranch, Now is the best season to see them.

Japanese sea has 4 seasons, so you can see different situation every season.
Please come and see the expressions of the sea in each of the four seasons.

See you then(^^)/

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Pikachu seaslug, Stiliger aureomarginatus, Marianina rosea, Philine orca


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