The result of the study were put to good use!!

I searched for some underwater creatures under the rock mainly.

March 1st, 2024

Weather: Cloudy sometimes Rainy
Ground Temperature: 19℃
Water Temperature: 19℃
Wind Direction: Northeast(3~5m/s)
Swell: 1.0m

Now is holiday week in Japan.
It is called Golden week.

Many Japanese  people go to somewhere for hanging out.
But this year’s Golden Week has three weekdays.
So, today has not many divers in Kushimoto area.

On the other hands, the sea condition is so nice.
We can enjoy diving without stress.

We can see this situation on rainy day.
The situation is so beautiful!!!
The diver who take a picture likes this situation.

I went to Izu peninsula for studying how to find sea slug.
The result of the study were put out to good use today.

I learned how to find sea slug that hide under the small rock.
I try to use this skill today,  then I could find out many kinds of sea slug!!!

I was so happy to be able to find sea slugs!!!
I think it is important thing to learn new knowledge and skills.

We can also observe spawning behavior in this season.

We could observe the spawning of seaweed.
The eggs is tiny. It is difficult to see with our eyes.
It is better to use camera for observing its situation.

Others, there are various of underwater creatures now.

I think you can enjoy diving in Kushimoto area now.
I want everyone to come to Kushimoto now!!!

See you then(^^)/

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Glass goby, Hyastenus diacanthus, Moridilla brockii Bergh


Bizen, Ni-No-Ne