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It’s nice day for diving!!!

The whether is fine today!!

July 11, 2023

Weather: Sunny
Ground Temperature: 26~30℃
Water Temperature: 19~25℃
Wind Direction: Sorthwest(3~4m/s)
Swell: 1.0m

It was sunny and nice day today!!
The ground temperature is very high but the water temperature is getting lower.

The lowest w. temp is 19 degree.
I hope the water temperature become high.

Today, I can find out many Japapigu today.

One of the point, there is two japapigu at the same place.
They sometimes fight with each other.

The behavior is so cute(^^)

And then, I want to show you other cute fish.

It is so cute, isn’t it??
I like this fish. Because the eye is so cute!!!

By the way, this fish is tiny.

At last dive, I can see rare fish.

It is called ” Leaf scorpionfish” in English.
The fish mimics the surrounding seaweed.
It is hard to find out this fish every time .

Others, there are many kinds of shrimps in Kushimoto area.

Some shrimp has a eggs in their stomach.
And I can see new eggs in their head.

The body color is clear, so I can see inside of the body.

It will be nice day for diving tomorrow.
I hope I can see rare fish and many under water creatures.

see you then(^^)/

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Japanese pigmy sea horse, Clear Cleaner shrimp, Leaf scorpionfish, Moyer's dragonet


Bizen, Sumisaki

It’s so cute(^^)

I can  see baby eel today.

10 July, 2023

Weather:Rainy→ Sunny
Ground Temperature: 26~30℃
Water Temperature: 20~25℃
Wind Direction: Southwest(3~4m/s)
Swell: 1.0m

It was rainy at morning, but it will be sunny afternoon.
So, it is warm on the ground today. But the water temperature is little bit low.

The water temperature of the bottom area is about 20 degree.
After doing diving for 45 min, I feel little bit cold.

The water temperature is low but underwater creatures are still active now.
There are many baby fishes.

I can see baby eel today.
The size is 5mm. It’s so tiny and cute!!

When getting angry, this eel is shaking neck.
The appearance is so cute.

And I can find tiny shrimp.

The academic name is so long…
It is called “Pliopontonia furtive anemone shrimp” .

The shrimp lives in disk coral. They pinch its coral by their leg.
So, I  cannot see anything on the coral.
But, sometimes the shrimps appear from coral.

If you can see it, you’re lucky.

At other area, there are many young damsels.

The number of damsel that usually lives in southern area is getting increase.
This damsel like a warm water. So I can see it in summer season.

At last, I can find boxer crab.

I can find it at the dive point of out of the ocean as usual.
But, I could find it in the bay side area today.

When I find this crab, I feel so happy.

It will be sunny tomorrow.
I hope the water temperature is getting warmer.

I will dive three times in a day tomorrow.
I wonder if I can meet many underwater creatures.

See you then(^^)/

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Boxer crab, Yellow mouth moray, Pliopontonia furtive anemone shrimp, Allen's chromis


Sumisaki, Good Wrasse world