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Various of macro underwater creatures

I could enjoy diving with observing macro creatures.

March 16,2024

Weather: Sunny
Ground Temperature: 10~19℃
Water Temperature: 16~17℃
Wind Direction: Southwest(3~6m/s)
Swell: 0.5~1.0m

I have been searching nudibranchs only recently.
But, I did normal style diving today for a while.

As I went to various of dive site in February, so I didn’t know where the creatures are.
But, I could recover the information where the creatures are.

Now, there is Japanese pigmy seahorse in bay side area.
She is so friendly. So we can take a picture easily.

And I could meet rare situation.
The nudiobranch(Sagaminopteron ornatum) was swimming.

It seems like Clione, dosen’t it??
In spring season, we meet this situation more than other season.

This rock shrimp is the creatures that our guest is most interested in.

It’s small even if the shrimp grow up.
The size is about 5cm. It’s so cute(^^)

At last, I wanna show you this scene.

Did you find out wired point???

Actually,  tiny nudibranch was walking on a face of frogfish haha

I notice that scene when I took a logging with our guest.
I was so surprised!!!!

The water temperature is still 16 degree.
But, Now is the best timing for practicing dry suit diving.

If you wanna experience drysuit diving, Now is the best!!!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!!
See you then(^^)/

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Japanese pigmy sea horse, Giant frogfish, Sagaminopteron ornatum, Favorinus pacificus, Chelarctus cultrifer


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