The water temperature is changing

The bottom water temperature is 20 degree

June 29, 2024

Weather: Cloudy⇨Sunny
Ground Temperature: 24~28℃
Water Temperature: 20~23℃
Wind Direction: Southwest(3m/s)
Swell: 1.0~1.5m

The sea condition is still rough….
But we can dive in a whole day.

I was surprised that the water temperature is getting lower.
It is 20 degree today(^^;)

Today’s guest likes to see tiny underwater creatures.
So, I show them tiny nudibranchs so much.

Can you find the nudibranch in this picture ??
The size is about 0.5mm.
When I can find underwater creatures like this size, I’m so happy!!!

Recently, the number of Striped butterfly fish is increasing.

The color is so beautiful(^^)

Some Cardinalfish protect their eggs in their mouth.
It is difficult to observe with you eyes. I recommend you to use compact camera.

The water temperature changes from day to day, which makes it hard for the fish.

I hope the water temperature is warmer than today.
See you then(^^)/

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