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we dove to search nudi today.

Macro underwater creature -lovong guests visit the store every day. .

July 9, 2024

Weather: Sunny
Ground Temperature: 26~30℃
Water Temperature: 22~26℃
Wind Direction: Southwest(3~6m/s)
Swell: 1.0~1.5m

The overseas tourists came to our shop continuously.
They love macro creatures. Especially nudibranch.

I also like nudibranch, so I could enjoy diving!!
When they come to Kushimoto, I want to show them this.

It called “Pikachu Nudi”.
The color is similar to Pikachu. So, we usually call it Pikachu.

And, Today’s guest like this nudibranch the best.

When I show it to the guest, she shouted underwater haha.
The size is tiny. it is about 1mm.

You need to take a pic of this, if you want to see completely(^^;)

Others, I show many kinds of underwater creatures that lives in Kushimoto.

Painted sweetlips were gathering at the same place.
I guess they will be spawning soon.

The water temperature is still cold, but most fishes is getting active.

The neon damsel is increasing.
The color is so beautiful. So, when overseas tourists come to here, I always show them.
Because, the fish was seen in Japan only I guess.

If you search some activity in Japan, I want you to consider doing scuba diving in Kushimoto.

See you then(^^)/

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