The visibility is better than expected

There are many Chicken Grunt in dive point today.

June 9, 2023

Weather: Cloudy
Ground Temperature: 22~24℃
Water Temperature: 21~22℃
Wind Direction: Southwest(4~6m/s)
Swell: 1.0~1.5m

It was heavy rain yesterday.
So, I think today’s visibility is getting worse before going to first dive.

But, when I enter the sea, it is better than expected.
After getting to the bottom, there are many small fishes near a anchor line.

It is called “Kinme-modoki” in Japanese. And English name is Pigmy sweeper.
The beauty of the shapes made by fish is indescribable.

Recently, there are many Chicken grunt in Bayside dive point.

Sometimes, some  Big Grouper attacked them.

At that time, the Chicken Grunt gather to drive away the Grouper.
The scene is very powerful,I think.

At the bottom area, many kinds of fishes are spawning or protecting their eggs.
Most of fish breed from now until around August.

If you come to Kushimoto at that time, you can see the behavior of fish breeding or spawning.
This Swatail blenny is protecting eggs in a hole.

In the fish world, it is common for father fishes to take care of eggs and baby.

The water temperature  is getting warmer.
From now until October is the best season for diving.

I will enjoy diving tomorrow as well.

See you then(^^)/

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Chicken Grunt, Pigmy sweeper, Longtooth grouper, Swatail blenny


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