The swell is getting bigger!!

The visibility is so good but the swell is getting bigger.

June 11, 2023

Weather: Rainy
Ground Temperature: 20~22℃
Water Temperature: 22℃
Wind Direction: Southeast(3~6m/s)
Swell: 1.0~1.5m

The typhoon is coming near Kii Peninsula.
So, the swell is getting bigger today.
I guess I will not be able to dive until Wesday.

I hope the swell is getting smaller as soon as possible.

On the other hands,  the visibility is so good.
Sometimes I have to swim hardly to withstand the swell but I was able to enjoy diving most of the time.

There are many kinds of a school of fish.
Now, so many Chicken Grunt are staying at bay side point.

Others, we can see a various  of crab and shrimp.

Now, there are many Candy crab. The crab is living in soft coral.
The color is very beautiful.and  very popular in Japan.

And I wanna show you some Elegant squat Robster.

The eye is so cute, isn’t it?
The face is similar to some Japanese Robot character that is called “Robokon”.
Please search for “Robokon” on the Internet.

You must think it is very similar!!!

We can also see many sea slug in this month.
Now, almost sea slug is tiny, but the color is very beautiful.

The color of tentacles is so beautiful, I think.
So, when I could find it, I always introduce it to our guest.

Then, I wanna show you the sea slug that is similar to sheep .

When they are walking, they are usually shaking their tentacles.
This behavior is very cute.

I plan to dive tomorrow, but the swell conditions in the morning will determine whether I dive.

On next weekdays, some coral may be going to be spawning.
I hope the swell become smaller soon.

I will observe the spawning trends of corals and the hatching out of clownfish when sea conditions are good.

If I find out the date of coral spawning, I will show you on our web site and SNS.

If you wanna observe it, Please feel free to let me know.

See you then(^^)/

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