Heavy rain today

Kushimoto area was closed today.

June 18, 2024

Weather: Rainy⇨Cloudy
Ground Temperature: 21~24℃
Water Temperature: 21~22℃
Wind Direction: Southwest(9~12m/s)
Swell: 1.0~1.5m

It was heavy rain and strong wind today.
So, we cannot dive in Kushimto area today.

We changed the dive site to Sue(Kii-Oshima area).
The sea is still calm at the morning, but the condition is getting harder.

We felt surge underwater though, we can enjoy diving in a whole day at Sue area.

At first dive, we can see the situation that tiger moray took cleaning by Banded coral shrimp.

This moray is popular with people overseas.
There are many tiger moray in the sea around Kushimoto city.

And, there are so many ortmann’s spider carb.

The number of these is decreasing in our dive site recently, on the othere hands, There are so many this crab.

At second dive, we can see skeleton shrimp that has  her children on her body.

White one is baby. Skeleton shrimp usually protect her baby on her body.
It is a little bit maniac haha

Others, we could see many kinds of Anthias today.

The water temperature is getting warmer.
It is 22 degree.

I think the fish activity become more active.

Next month, we may be able to see spawning behavior of coral.
If you stay at Kushimoto in this term, I want you to see this situation.

The diving will do in the night.
If you are interested in this diving, please feel free to let us know.

See you then(^^)/

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Tiger moray, Red-belted anthias, Skeleton shrimp, Ortmann's spider crab, Banded caral shrimp


Nagizaki(Sue), Jizouiwa(Sue)