We held a photo contestAward reception .

March 31, 2024

Weather: Sunny
Ground Temperature: 17~21℃
Water Temperature: 16℃
Wind Direction: Southwest(3~5m/s)
Swell: 1.0m

We held Kushimoto underwater photo contest award reception yesterday.
The contest has long history. It continues 33 years.

In this reception, I can see many photographs.
So, I like to join it.

Then, As for underwater, the visibility is getting better than yesterday.
The surface area is still white, but the bottom area is clear.

Today, I could find out rare shrimp.

Periclimenaeus gorgonidarum SP.
We can see it one or two times in a year.
So, I’m so happy when I can find out it.

In spring season, there are so many sea weeds.
Some sea slug live on the sea weed.

The form is so cute. I like this sea slug!!
The size is 1mm haha
It is hard to see it with your eyes only. Do you wanna see tiny underwater creatures?

Others, there are many kinds of macro creatures in bay side area.

We will be closed for 4 days starting tomorrow.
So, I go back to my parents house.

I hope the visibility is getting better at Friday.
See you then(^^)/

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Stiliger aureomarginatus, Periclimenaeus gorgonidarum SP


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